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Prior Learning Assessment Course Description Database

You can earn credit for college level knowledge you have acquired through training, work and other learning experiences. The PLA database has over 4,000 course titles and descriptions from which to select. Use the list of key words below, or the search box to find course titles and descriptions that best match your prior learning.
Course listings are subject to change.

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If the portfolio you plan to complete as a PLA does not appear in the Prior Learning Assessment Course Description Database, you have the option of finding a PLA course description from the catalog of another regionally-accredited college or university. The description from the college or university's catalog should be no more than two years old.


Prior Learning Assessment Course Subject Areas


If you can articulate and provide evidence to document your prior learning, our Portfolio Assessment program may be a good option for you to earn college credit. If you do not see the course(s) you are interested in listed or for more information about the PLA program visit our website or email

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