TECEP®: Credit by Exam

TECEP®: Credit by Exam

TECEP® Thomas Edison Credit-by-Examination Program
At Thomas Edison we know that adults acquire college-level knowledge outside the classroom in a variety of ways. For example, job experience, volunteer activities and independent study may all provide knowledge that can be translated into college credit. Because of this, the University offers TECEP®, its own credit-by-exam program, to help students earn credit by taking exams instead of courses.

What subjects are available?
Browse the TECEP® exams and find a subject in which you have some prior knowledge or experience. Then review the test description for that exam. A test description includes a list of exam topics, suggested study materials, information about the test format and sample test questions. By reviewing the test description material you will know what to expect and how to prepare. Learn more about preparing for TECEP® exams

What are the tests like?
TECEP® exams are like final exams for college courses. Most have multiple-choice questions and some have short-answer or essay questions. They are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis and by passing you receive college credit.

How do I take a TECEP®?
You can register for a TECEP® exam whether or not you are enrolled at Thomas Edison State University. After you register, we will send you a confirmation email with detailed information so you can make your testing arrangements. You can test anytime during the 12-week term you select once your testing arrangements have been confirmed by the Office of Test Administration. TECEP® policies and contact information.

Other credit-by-exam programs
We also accept test results from other credit-by-exam programs.