Benefits of NJ PLAN

Benefits to the State

New Jersey

NJ PLAN can dramatically increase incentives for students to return to college and complete their degrees, save students' time and money and create an efficient model for higher education institutions without the need for additional infrastructure costs.

In addition to credit-by-exam programs and portfolio assessment, NJ PLAN can also identify workplace training programs, including professional certifications and licenses, which meet the standards for an academic review. Such reviews can link workplace training with college credit, enhancing the ability of New Jersey's colleges and universities to develop partnerships with corporations and organizations interested in customized training and staff development programs.

Benefits to Students


PLA enables students to earn credit for material they already know that is required by their degree program. Students who earn credit through PLA reduce the number of classroom-based or online courses they need to take, saving them time. With PLA, credit can be earned as quickly as a student can demonstrate they possess the knowledge required.

PLA typically costs less than classroom-based and online courses because it is an assessment of your knowledge - not a course. Students who earn credit using prior learning assessment typically experience significant savings on tuition and textbooks.

Additional benefits of NJ PLAN are that it actually awards college credit and is responsive to needs of the region's workforce and labor issues. The consortium is well-positioned to meet the higher education needs of New Jersey and helping state colleges and universities in their effort to retain students in the state and help their students graduate sooner.

Benefits to Higher Education Institutions

NJ PLAN brings shared resources, best practices and improved efficiency to higher education in New Jersey.

Individual institutions will not need to invest in their own programs to serve a small percentage of students at each school. Instead, NJ PLAN - administered and housed at Thomas Edison State University - provides PLA services to colleges and universities throughout the state. Additionally, a statewide policy will enable ease of transfer and articulation of credits earned through prior learning assessment.

Through NJ PLAN's focus on learning outcomes and reliable assessment methods, all participating institutions will gain valuable assessment training and skills which are transferable to other campus learning activities. NJ PLAN will also improve all institutions' ability to provide relevant offerings to adults, active duty military students, veterans and other nontraditional students.