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information technology

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Fundamentals of Information Technology   (CMP-202)   3.00 s.h.  

Course Description
Fund raising for nonprofit organizations: corporate, individual and foundation giving. Grant writing.

Learning Outcomes
Through the Portfolio Assessment process, students will demonstrate that they can appropriately address the following outcomes:

  • Explain why nonprofits exist.
  • Define a philanthropic gift and discuss why people make philanthropic gifts.
  • Discuss the importance of an organization's mission in fundraising and the role of a “case for giving” in any fundraising effort.
  • Name, describe and give examples of at least five methods of fundraising from individuals and/or organizations.
  • Use the fundraising cycle to describe the activities possible to secure a charitable gift from an individual.
  • Outline the grant proposal process.
  • Describe the methods to identify a grant prospect and discuss the importance of mission match in this process.
  • Name how volunteers, board members and staff are used in a fundraising effort, and provide a job description of at least one volunteer role.
  • Talk about why commissions are not appropriate in fundraising.
  • Explain why the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Code of Ethics is an important guide to staff, board and volunteers who engage in charitable gift fundraising.
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