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Individual Assessment in Fitness and Wellness   (FIT-230)   3.00 s.h.  

Course Description
This course will allow students who are interested in careers in the fitness industry to obtain skills in fitness assessment. Students will learn how to design personalized physical fitness plans for clients with varying levels of fitness and wellness.

Learning Outcomes
Through the Portfolio Assessment process, students will demonstrate that they can appropriately address the following outcomes:

  • Discuss appropriate connections between physical activity and overall health.
  • Select and administer appropriate field-test protocols for assessment of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and joint flexibility.
  • Design appropriate exercise prescriptions that are progressive and adaptable to environmental and lifestyle changes.
  • Identify and discuss ways to overcome obstacles to regular physical activity
  • Briefly explain the following:
    • Chronic diseases
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Physical activity
    • Health screening
    • Risk classification
    • Blood pressure, heart rate, and cardio-rhythm assessment
    • Lab vs. field testing
    • Assessing cardiorespiratory fitness
    • Cardiorespiratory assessment tests
    • Assessing muscular strength and endurance
    • Understanding muscular strength, power, and endurance
    • Tests that measure strength and endurance
    • Assessing body composition
    • Body composition and fitness
    • Methods of estimating body fat
    • Assessing flexibility and designing stretching programs
    • Definition and nature of joint flexibility
    • Methods of measuring joint flexibility
    • Designing exercise programs
    • Interpretation of assessment results
    • Developing client-/patient-based goals
    • Developing a successful fitness program
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